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GCCG now uses a Google calendar for managing and communicating to the members.
How do I get to the web calendar?

  • Every page on the GCCG web site has a “Events” link at top of the page.
  • The GCCG home page's “GCCG's Events Calendar-” heading.

If you have any additions or corrections for the calendar you can tell one the officers directly or e-mail them or by sending an e-mail to the webmasters

The GCCG home page's "GCCG's Events Calendar-"

Clicking on the line brings up the GCCG Web Calendar's full entry. It will list everything we know about the event and will include a link to web page (URL) on the event if we have one. Most events also include a second line(s) with the description of the event and/or a link to web page with more information on the event.

Linking the GCCG Events Calendar

The GCCG Events Calendar is a public Google calender so anyone can link to it.

Direct Link to GCCG's Google Event Calendar

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